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System Design.
Information Architecture.
Digital Transformation.

Without Code.

Non Code Studio is a collective of product strategists, system designers, information architects, and no-code experts.

Our Approach is simple:

We are obsessed with mastering Product Strategy, System Design and Information Architecture.

A tight-knit, efficient team with a process-driven, minimal mindset and no-code toolbox.

This allows us to do the work for a fraction of the time and budget.Instant results. Minimizing waste.

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Our vision is to help clients make sense of their contexts and bring clarity and simplicity to their systems, information, and product.We dive deep into every project we build to ensure we understand its purpose, objective, and business value.

Non Code

We are a small-scale no-code studio.We have built a solid experience combining principles of minimalism and agility with a love for craftsmanship.We work on the shoulders of no-code tools, solid business process management, and agile and lean methodologies (e.g., Design Sprints, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking).Our product team also crafts no-code templates and plugins for others to use.

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Notion x Non Code

The Enterprise Notion Agency & StudioWe help companies and startups eliminate productivity barriers, increase efficiency and reach goals.Whether you're struggling with productivity or need to level up your Notion Workspace, we can help create informed strategies and tactical skills. Level up your Notion Workspace.


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Full support in setting up the Notion dashboard from scratch (if not yet in place)End-to-end build of the dashboard according to clients' requirements & preferencesTesting and bug-fixing to achieve perfection and optimal functionalityHand-holding in every step of the way to ensure proper training


Our tight-knit team of Notion and no-code experts is backboned by a Notion Certified Consultant.

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Work that makes us proud

The following page will sample some of the work Non Code Studio has helped make a reality over the last few years.